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The guides they selected were very good and, in three cases (Seoul, Hoi An/Hue, and Angkor Wat) simply outstanding.
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While South Korea has long been known as the “Land of the Morning Calm,” its tumultuous modern history stands directly at odds with this serene sobriquet.  Yet in spite of the adversity that South Korea has faced, from the colonial Japanese occupation to the divisive Korean War and subsequent dictatorships, the country has managed to overcome innumerable obstacles and establish itself as one of the world’s economic powerhouses. In the 1990s, South Korea, along with Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore, was named one of the Four Asian Tigers. 

Today, South Korean corporations, including electronics giant Samsung and manufacturer Hyundai, have become household names around the globe; at the same time, Korean culture, particularly pop music, has slowly risen to prominence, first across Asia, and later the world.  Indeed, South Korea is an energetic, creative nation capable of great innovation, and is already a major player in the global economy and culture.

South Korea luxury travel with Remote Lands is first and foremost personalized. We create extraordinary one-off experiences catering to your individual interests. For the perfect luxury introduction to South Korea, see our Classic South Korea itinerary; for more adventurous ideas, visit our South Korea Suggested Itineraries page. Then contact us today to begin planning your luxury South Korea vacation!

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Our co-founder & CEO Catherine Heald loves the subtlety of South Korea, the absence of tourists in the areas outside Seoul, and the bizarre sight that is the DMZ.