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Spawned from the proxy conflicts of the Cold War, North Korea today is the last of its kind: an isolated country that has cut itself off almost completely from the outside world. Because of this decades-long seclusion, North Korea is the ultimate remote land: a fascinating, eerie destination that serves as a window into a 1950s Stalinist nation – a place where time has seemingly stood still.

Because of its history and background, any visit to North Korea is a unique, once-in-a-lifetime trip.  Drive down deserted, grand boulevards and pass imposing, towering monuments – mainly statues of Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il; watch the surreal Mass Games, where thousands of dancers, singers, and athletes perform in perfect unison; and visit the tomb of the Great Leader, to whom citizens show disturbingly total devotion. While anti-Western propaganda is common throughout the nation, it targets government policies rather than individual citizens; most North Koreans are friendly and hospitable, and the country is safe, clean, and, due to the lack of development in many areas, surprisingly beautiful.

Please note that, while Remote Lands does organize trips to North Korea, we do not endorse any of the autocratic policies of the North Korean government. In addition, since relations between North Korea and the outside world are fragile and unpredictable, we do keep an eye on political developments.  Our trips are not an indication of any support on our part for North Korea; rather, they serve as an invaluable, eye-opening glimpse into one of the last closed societies on Earth.

North Korea luxury travel with Remote Lands is first and foremost personalized. We create extraordinary one-off experiences catering to your individual interests. For the perfect luxury introduction to North Korea, see our Classic North Korea itinerary; for more adventurous ideas, visit our North Korea Suggested Itineraries page. Then contact us today to begin planning your luxury North Korea vacation!

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Our co-founder & CEO Catherine Heald found North Korea "mindblowing" - she was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful landscapes and welcoming, friendly people.
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