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We are intrepid travelers who love to get off the beaten track to explore. Remote Lands did a great job of arranging our trip to some of the less trodden parts of Indonesia.
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Indonesia, the world’s fourth most populous country and one of the most culturally diverse, is sprawled across more than 17,000 islands with over 300 different ethnicities and dialects. The people, most of whom are moderate Muslims, range from modern urban professionals in Jakarta, to village farmers and fishermen on many of the islands, to Stone Age tribal people in West Papua and peaceful, tourist-friendly Hindus of Bali. A former Dutch colony that became independent in the wake of World War II, Indonesia is a land of rich cultural and religious heritage, fascinating architecture, superb beaches and diving, unique wildlife, and remote village life.

Dutch sailors spoke of other-worldly creatures here such as the Komodo dragons of Komodo Island. From the orangutans of Borneo to the manta rays in the Gili Islands, Indonesia teems with a spectacular array of flora and fauna, like no other country on Earth. The landscape is just as varied, from the limestone isles of Raja Ampat to the snowy mountain peaks of Papua, home to the tribal Dani headhunters.

Indonesia luxury travel with Remote Lands is first and foremost personalized. We create extraordinary one-off experiences catering to your individual interests. For the perfect luxury introduction to Indonesia, see our Classic Indonesia itinerary; for more adventurous ideas, visit our Indonesia Suggested Itineraries page. Then contact us today to begin planning your luxury Indonesia vacation!

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Our co-founder & CEO Catherine Heald loved her private yacht charter around Komodo Island, and coming face to face with the legendary Komodo dragons!